Founded in 1972, Orbitec is serving you with is twenty-five years of experience in the distribution of lamps and passive electronic components.We have already earned the confidence of over 7,000 customers throughout the world.

Their satisfaction is essential.

  • Orbitec lamps, whether they be sign lights, miniatures or special, incandescent or halogen, are manufactured in association with the most renowned manufacturers and controlled by our technical department.
  • We offer a wide range of passive component, opto-electronic and alert light brands : commutation, computerized connection, supply, visualization and signing.

Orbitec has built its reputation on the extent of its range,and the wide scope of its available stock. Our sales forces is omnipresent and always attentive to your needs. For the Orbitec team, efficiency is the reason why, service is what it's all about.

We welcome you to our site and wish you a pleasant visit.

Orbitec - 28 rue Frenand Pelloutier - 92110 Clichy - France

Phone : +33 147 155 454 - fax : +33 0142 701 667 - fax international sales : +33 140 871 293